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tdAcademy Capacity Building Event: Action-oriented Knowledge for Sustainability

As a kick off of the tdAcademy Capacity Building event series, Guido Caniglia (Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution and Cognition Research) and Christopher Luederitz (Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University) will share insights into action-oriented knowledge for sustainability. After the 30-minute presentation there will be room for your questions and discussion.

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InnoX2021 Science Festival #digital

Das erste Festival für Wissenstransfer und Wissenschaftskommunikation im Land Brandenburg

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Pathways for sustainability : nice words, but what do they mean?

The Pathways Forum is a bi-monthly online event where experts get a chance to critically reflect and exchange on the conceptual and practical implications of doing sustainability research and engaging in transdisciplinarity.

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Let’s talk about it: Transdisziplinarität und Co-Production

Informelle Gesprächsreihe zum Austausch für Forschung an den Schnittstellen zwischen Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft

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Vertiefung Citizen Science: Partizipative Forschungsprozesse kompetent gestalten und begleiten

Dieser Workshop ermöglicht die Entwicklung von Basis-Kompetenzen zur Prozessgestaltung und -begleitung für die Ko-Produktion von Wissen mit der Beteiligung von Bürgerinnen und Bürgern in unterschiedlichen Forschungskontexten.
Im Mittelpunkt steht dabei das Anwenden von ausgewählten Methoden und Tools für die Gestaltung, Planung und Begleitung in der eigenen Forschungspraxis.

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Sustainability Science Forum 2021 - Accelerating Transformation

Organized by the Sustainability Research Initiative, the first Sustainability Science Forum is the kick-off to an annual event that unites professionals, research funders and other stakeholders to discuss key challenges and open questions around sustainability science. The main focus of the event will be on accelerating transformation towards sustainability. Registration will open end of September.

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Collaborative Governance and intersectoral cooperations - (new) forms of cooperation between state administration, business and civil society

The Intersectoral School of Governance Baden-Württemberg (ISoG BW) invites abstracts for paper proposals for the paper workshop "Intersectoral governance and intersectoral cooperation - (new) forms of cooperation between state, market and civil society" until 30 September 2021.

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ATLAS R&B Institute Innovation Expo - SCORE Virtual Conference

Students Collaboration Objective for Research Enhancement (SCORE): ATLAS R&B Institute Innovation Expo aims to host senior and garduate level college students from around the world; offering students an opportunity to showcase their projects in the format of a technical conference. Student teams will work together to develop their design projects and submit them online to the R&B TD Research Institute (http://www.atlas-conference.org/index.php/en/projects). All right and title to any Intellectual Property covered in an admission rests with the submitting team.

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