The tdAcademy aims at the development of capacity building offers based on findings from the project and beyond. Our offers include but are not limited to conceptual and methodological support for td researchers and those conducting accompanying research, further education for early career researchers and university courses. We provide a range of materials to read and watch online as well as further education offers on request.

Further Education Offers on Request

The tdAcademy aims to strengthen transdisciplinary research through target group and topic-specific continuing education. In this area are various continuing education offerings that are developed by members of the tdAcademy to promote capacity building and are conducted on request.

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Online Materials for Further Education

By documenting its findings from research and exchange online and making them available free of charge, the tdAcademy would like to contribute to capacity building in the field of transdisciplinary research. In this section you will therefore find a variety of materials in text, image and video that further educate on topics of transdisciplinary research with a focus on our four topic lines.

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Transdisciplinary case studies

By designing case studies, the tdAcademy aims to strengthen the competencies of transdisciplinary researchers and raise awareness of challenges that can arise in transdisciplinary research. This was done on the basis of two completed transdisciplinary research projects from different geographical, socio-economic and disciplinary contexts. In this section, the designed case studies by the Leuphana University team are presented and corresponding materials for university teaching are provided.

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