On November 26th 2021, the Supporting Partners of the tdAcademy met virtually for their second meeting.

The Supporting Partners are representatives of leading research institutions in the field of transdisciplinary research and support the work of tdAcademy. One of the main topics discussed was the political positioning of transdisciplinary research and the role of the tdAcademy in this regard in Germany. This shall be achieved by a short key points text and discussions with funding agencies and relevant political actors as well as ministerial departments with the aim to anchor and promote the transdisciplinary research mode even more firmly as an integral part of the German research agendas, thereby strengthening the science-society interface. The activities will involve key actors from the field of transdisciplinary research and are coordinated by the tdAcademy.

In addition, questions of the internationalisation of tdAcademy, and the support of early-career researchers were covered. To provide insights in the research of the project tdAcademy, two sessions presented work in progress and preliminary results from the research on the key topics scientific effects and societal effects of transdisciplinary research.