The tdAcademy aims to strengthen transdisciplinary research through target group and topic-specific further education. This section brings together various further education courses developed by members of the tdAcademy to promote capacity-building, which can be provided on request.

As a registered user of the tdCommunity or as a member of the group of supporting partners, you can present your offers on this page. Please contact our editorial team if you are interested.

Workshop on impact orientation and impact analysis of transdisciplinary research projects


The workshop promotes the discussion of societal effects of transdisciplinary research by collaborative partners. The goal is to enable them to create systematic impact pathways in transdisciplinary projects.

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Workshop Transdisciplinary Research: Basic Understanding, Procedures and Effects


The workshop provides a basic conceptual and methodological understanding of transdisciplinary research as well as of social and scientific effects in transdisciplinary research.

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The role of context factors in transdisciplinary research


What are relevant context factors in transdisciplinary research and how do they impact the research process and outcomes? This workshop aims at creating a basic understanding of context factors and promoting context-sensitive research.

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Apply innovative transdisciplinary formats and methods in a tailor-made way


Successful cooperation between science and practice requires formats and methods that are appropriate for the respective context. In the workshop, we will present innovative approaches and examine together which of them would be suitable for your context. 

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