The Guest and Fellowship Pogramme funded by the Robert Bosch Stiftung enables an active involvement of relevant actors of transdisciplinary research in the tdAcademy. Researchers, also targeting specifically Early Career Researchers from the global south and global north, have the opportunity to widen their network, exchange their research experiences, discuss the latest developments of transdisciplinary research, and present their own research to the global community. Guests and fellows can work individually or collaboratively on specific topics, write publications or position papers and develop innovative approaches and ideas.

Application Information

You can apply to the tdAcademy as a guest or as part of a fellow group (three persons each). Please send an abstract of your work project (500 - 1000 words) to the tdAcademy office. In your application, please also indicate an approximate period of time in which you could realize the guest or fellow stay. Guests can be invited for a maximum of two months, fellow groups for a maximum of three months or four times for a week. The exact terms of the fellowship will depend on the specific format. The project's steering group will timely discuss and respond to you as to whether you will be invited as a guest or fellow, and if so, with what support options.

If you have any questions about the fellowship and the application process, please contact our office.

Fellows of the tdAcademy

Peter Wehilng

is a guest at ISOE from May to June 2021, where he is doing research on institutional resistances to transdisciplinarity.

"As a guest at ISOE, I would like to support the tdAcademy by critically examining both common biases and institutional structures in science which prevent transdisciplinarity from having a stronger scientific impact."

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Gemma Tejedor Papell

is a guest at ZTG in July and September 2021, researching on transdisciplinary engineering education for sustainability.

"I’d like to support the tdAcademy by deepening into both transdisciplinary education for sustainability in engineering, and methods for monitoring the research (societal) effects in the field. A Summer School prototype on Transdisciplinarity and Sustainability in Education, focused on Technical Universities, will be advanced."

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Regina Rhodius

is a fellow at Oeko-Institut e.V., contributing her Real-World-Lab expertise to research on innovative formats in the td context.

"As fellow of both tdAcademy und Oeko-Institut, I am looking forward to a joint reflection on the fast-developing landscape of new formats."

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