Td Forschungsprojekte gesucht

Dear colleagues and friends of tdAcademy,

We are searching for completed transdisciplinary research projects from different geographical and cultural contexts. We would like to invite these projects to participate in our study concerning their context dependencies as part of the research work package of tdAcademy and – if you are interested – to collaborate in a joint publication.

Our research aim is to study context dependencies of transdisciplinary research, their interactions, their relevance for different research phases (e.g., problem framing, co-production, integration), and how they determine the selection and adaptation of methods as well as societal and scientific effects. With this study, we seek to better understand the potential transferability and generalizability of context specific insights beyond projects and intend to contribute to context-sensitive transdisciplinary research.

For this study, we would like you to suggest us transdisciplinary research projects (completion at least 2-5 years ago) from your own research or colleagues for our analysis (document analysis, questionnaires, interviews). We also include projects that are not described as “transdisciplinary” but still fulfil its research principles. We specifically welcome projects from diverse geographical and cultural contexts.

Our research requires sufficient and accessible data about the project (project reports etc.). In addition, one contact person (e.g., the scientific project coordinator) who is willing to participate in a one-hour interview and potentially to collaborate on a joint publication.

Please send us your suggested transdisciplinary research projects to

We would be very pleased if you would participate in our research project. If you are interested, there is also the possibility of a joint publication of the results.

For more information about our study, see Topic Line 3 "Contextual dependencies".

With kind regards,
David Lam